Python for Finance
University Certificate

This is our master class in Python for Finance comprising all the other training classes and leading to a university certificate.

This certification program comprises the Python for Financial Data Science, Algorithmic Trading, Computational Finance and Pro Topics classes. In addition, you need to successfully complete a final exam and/or project which gets graded.

Under certain conditions, the certificate represents the equivalent of 5 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points. Professional training which brings you closer to your Master's degree.

The price for this program is
3,495 EUR (net of VAT).
The program can be started at
any time during our class cycle.

Python for Financial Data Science

This class lays the foundation for applying Python to interactive financial analytics and financial application building. Become a skilled Python data scientist.

Python for Algorithmic Trading

This class covers all topics of importance for algorithmic trading with Python — build your own hedge fund with Python or become a star trader with a big institution one day.

Python for Computational Finance

Do you want to become a Python Quant — doing the Wall Street equivalent of rocket science? Then this is the class for you, covering some of the most relevant topics in financial engineering.

Pro Topics

In addition to the main training classes, we offer also pro training classes covering Python and Excel integration, Python for databases as well as Python Best Practices.