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Work with the experts in
Python for Finance.
Benefit from
more than 10 years experience,
our three books on the topic,
our Quant Platform,
our library DX Analytics & more.

Python for Financial Data Science

This class lays the foundation for applying Python for interactive financial analytics and financial application building. Become a skilled Python data scientist.

Python for Algorithmic Trading

This class covers topics of importance for automated, algorithmic trading with Python — build your own hedge fund with Python or become a star trader within a big institution one day.

Python for Computational Finance

Do you want to become a Python Quant — doing the Wall Street equivalent of rocket science? Then this is the class for you, covering some of the most relevant topics in financial engineering.

Pro Topics

In addition to the main training classes, we offer also pro training classes covering Python and Excel integration, Python for databases as well as Python Best Practices.

Python for Finance University Certificate

This is our master class offering comprising all major training classes plus a final exam and/or project. A certificate in co-operation with the htw saar University of Applied Sciences is awarded after successful completion.

You might ask yourself:
Why should I attend especially your training classes?
Here a few answers:

Straight from the horse's mouth

Your trainers are the originals

Dr. Yves J. Hilpisch not only has authored Python for Finance (O'Reilly), Derivatives Analytics with Python (Wiley Finance) and Listed Volatility and Variance Derivatives (Wiley Finance). He also has authored the Python-based financial analytics library DX Analytics, is founder of The Python Quants and organizer of the For Python Quants conference series.

Felix Zumstein is founder of Zoomer Analytics and has authored himself the now so popular library xlwings to integrate Python with Excel.

Unique Learning Platform

Where you find all you need as a Pro Python Quant

With the Quant Platform we have created a uniquely valuable platform for doing Python trainings. We recently added new capabilities to better manage online trainings. It also gives you all the resources to do professional Python for Finance after finishing a training. Benefit from our experience with dozens of trainings and hundreds of participants.

Unique Coverage

We cover topics you do not find anywhere else

On the one hand, our trainings cover topics that you hardly find anywhere else. On the other hand, the combination of trainings we offer — financial data science, algorithmic trading, computational finance, Python for Excel, Python best practices — is for sure unique. Benefit from our specialization in Python for Finance. Achieve your goals and secure your dream job in finance.

Live and Self-Paced

Learn as your schedule allows

All training sessions are live — but they are also recorded for later watching. This allows you to participate even if you have an unpredictable schedule or if you are in a different time zone. On the Quant Platform, you find opportunities to chat with the trainers (at set times), to post questions and to work through all the material at your own pace.

University Certification

Get a prestigous certificate

The Python Quants offer the only professional Python for Finance training courses which are accredited by a German university. After the successful completion of all our training classes you will get awarded an official certificate by the htw saar University of Applied Sciences.