Python for Algorithmic Trading

Learn about handling financial data with Python, vectorized and event-based backtesting of trading strategies, using machine and deep learning for stock market prediction, socket programming for real-time trading, working with different online brokers and deploying automated trading systems in the cloud.

This training is a part-time online training taking place over the course of about five weeks. The training is comprised of 10 live sessions of about 3 hours each. This represents the equivalent of about 4 full training days. The training documentation is 400+ pages as PDF.

The price for this training is
899 EUR 999 EUR (net of VAT).
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The next training starts on
31. January 2017

Python, NumPy & pandas

Module 1 — basics of Python programming and tools
Module 2 — introducing NumPy, pandas & vectorization
Module 3 — setting up the Python environment

Financial Data

Module 4a — getting and working with historical data
Module 4b — using ZeroMQ & sockets for streaming data

Backtesting & Prediction

Module 5 — vectorized & event-based backtesting
Module 6 — using machine learning and deep learning for Prediction

FX, CFD & Stock Trading

Module 7 — FX and and CFD trading with Oanda
Module 8 — stock trading with Interactive Brokers

Cryptotrading & Automation

Module 9 — trading cryptocurrencies with Gemini
Module 10 — automation of trading systems, real-time monitoring